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Microsoft collaborated with the Design Museum in London to inject interactivity into the Designs of the Year Award 2015 exhibit by using the Lumia 640SurfaceWindowsAzure, and Power BI.

In addition to the carefully curated selection of nominees and winners, visitors were greeted by a large white table fitted with 40 Lumia 640 XLs flanked on either end with Surface tablets.

The Surface screens play an instructional demo showing visitors how to use this interactive space, while the orange Lumia devices beg to be picked up and activated.

Each of the six Design of the Year category winners throughout the exhibit include pedestals with orange tags urging you to “tap here.”

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Engaging visitors

Visitors who walk around the newly enhanced exhibit space with a Lumia in hand and tap the winning designs’ NFC-enabled tags are provided with more information and interactivity.

That info includes further background about the product, the materials used, the product’s designers, what the judges thought about the design, and why it was a category winner.

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Joining the debate

Visitors are invited to “join the debate” by answering questions and giving their opinion of each design. In addition, they’re given feedback as to how many people agreed with their opinion.

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Crowdsourcing opinions

All of this is pulled together in an engaging and beautifully designed app that enhances the visitor experience.

A digital experience is a great way for us to share the wealth of information about our exhibits that we cannot usually display due to space limitations. We are also excited that we can encourage a new level of debate with our visitors, understanding their opinions and the level of engagement they have with our exhibits
— Gemma Curtin, Curator at the Design Museum
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Project Management
James Thomas

Art Direction
Tyrone Lou

Design, Prototyping & Front-End
Shinji Pons