While at Autodesk, I worked on the integration of Dynamo, a visual programming environment, into Alias. This workflow improvement empowered designers to leverage scripting to create and iterate on complex surfaces that are otherwise too time-consuming to model using the graphical user interface.

Some automotive surfaces increasingly feature intricate details such as front grilles. To speed up the design of these complex parts, Dynamo brings a visual programming environment to automate the task of producing geometry.

My role

The main Issues were the surface quality of Dynamo surfaces and switching tools in Alias broke the live connection with Dynamo. At the end of the project, I was able to recreate the Mac Pro grille entirely using Dynamo.

Even while in a prototype phase, Dynamo for Alias was successfully used on a concept vehicle design for Tata, the 45X, which drastically reduced creative waste and modelling hours.


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