I purchased an iPod Shuffle on eBay, studied it and after using reference technical drawings along with my own measurements, I modeled this fourth generation iPod Shuffle in Alias while ensuring G3 continuity in even the smallest of fillets.

The geometry looks simple but attention needs to be paid to the large blends. Softening the radius allowed space for a better transition from the flat area. The graphics are trimmed surfaces to be positioned perfectly.

My role

The finished file has a power button and an accurately modelled 1/8" female audio jack. All the surface transitions are G3, even the ones that don't need to be, such as the 90 intersections on the frame and the rear-clip.

In refining the design, functionality and durability were prioritized alongside aesthetics. The exact modeling of the power button and audio jack enhances user experience with smooth operation and reliable connections. Additionally, the G3 continuity, applied consistently across the design, contributes to the product's resilience and sleek look, ensuring it withstands daily use.


Project Title