Accurate modelling with G3 continuity

Apple iPod Shuffle Alias Model


Personal Project


Alias Modelling



I purchased an iPod Shuffle on eBay, studied it and after using reference technical drawings along with my own measurements, I modeled this fourth generation iPod Shuffle in Alias while ensuring G3 continuity in even the smallest of fillets.


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A focus on clean geometry and flawless reflections

The geometry looks simple but attention needs to be paid to the large blends. Softening the radius allowed space for a better transition from the flat area. The graphics are trimmed surfaces to be positioned perfectly.

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A completely curvature continuous and water-tight model

The finished file has a power button and an accurately modelled 1/8" female audio jack. All the surface transitions are G3, even the ones that don't need to be, such as the 90° intersections on the frame and the rear-clip.

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