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Autodesk Alias SubD Tools




UX Design



Autodesk Alias is an industry-leading computer-aided design software application that empowers designers to create high-quality, manufacturable surfaces. This powerful tool is widely used in automotive and industrial design to bring aesthetically pleasing and feasible objects to life. As a digital product designer, I had the privilege of designing the user experience for the SubD toolset within Alias. My work ensured seamless integration with the existing NURBS tools, making the entire design process more efficient and intuitive.


Making Alias more approachable for beginners

The main issue with Alias is its steep learning curve. New users have to face a lack of available educational content to bridge their skill gap in NURBS modelling. This limited the growth of Alias.

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Say hello to hybrid modelling to Alias

Thanks to these tools that work just like subdivision surfaces, new users can produce 3D models that can be refined and reworked by more experienced users without ever exporting anything, or compromising on quality.

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An accelerated concept design phase

Many customers now enjoy shorter delivery times for their concept models and Alias is now more than ever horizontally integrated in the automotive design studio.

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