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My final major project at the London College of Communication was around exploring scripting inside of Adobe InDesign using a library called basil.js to create artwork that would impossible to make using the graphical user interface.


I was tired of doing everything by hand

While working on Modulo, my layered typeface, I realized how tedious and inefficient it was to manually overlay hundreds of individual text frames for my type tests. I researched using the raw InDesign SDK and Processing but settled on Basil.js.

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Basil.js to the rescue

People at the Basel School of Design have open-sourced a library that allows anyone with access to InDesign to use scripting.

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Manually doing something more than once is for insane people

Thanks to this project, I understood that code could be used for creative purposes but more importantly, that it was an incredible way to automate tedious tasks and reduce errors while creating work that would have been unfeasible by hand. All while using open source!

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