Keyfob Exercise in Alias

Modelling a simple keyfob in Alias


While completing the Alias course by Steve Cobert, I modeled a simple, water-tight and curvature continuous key fob as an introduction exercise to Alias.


Shinji Pons


Alias Modelling




The exercise.

The purpose of the exercise was to make clean surfaces with planar theoretical edges, then follow up with at least G2 continuous large blends and smaller fillets.


Ready for action.

Thanks to Steve's guidance and feedback, I was able to deliver a high quality model of this simple key fob in Alias. My most common mistake was using surfaces of unnecessarily high degree or using too many surfaces when only one was enough.


Ready for action.

It was the first time that I received constructive feedback a model with manufacturing constraints and construction options. I knew my way around Alias well but planning and building my model so that it is easy to understand by someone else was a new challenge.


special thanks

Steve Cobert for his feedback and patience

tools used

Autodesk Alias

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