High quality modelling of a Corvette C6

Master Car Creation in Blender


Personal Project


Blender Modelling



I took a self-learning course called Master Car Creation in Blender by CGMasters. The course focuses on advanced modelling techniques to achieve the highest quality in terms of reflections. By using a guide mesh and Blender’s modifier stack, it is possible to get excellent looking surfaces by only using SubDs. I completed this self-paced course during my free time between Spring 2021 and Spring 2022.


Near perfect reflections using only SubDs

After working on the Autodesk Alias SubD toolset, I wanted to improve my polygonal modelling skills. While poly models are more easily editable, their surface quality is perceptibly lower than with NURBS surfaces.

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Enter Blender's modifier magic

This course teaches a technique which consists of using a lower res mesh which is shrink-wrapped to a high res guide mesh. This achieves great surface quality while retaining the flexibility of polygonal modelling.

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Seamless, iterative modelling with Blender

Compared to Alias, Blender was quicker and more productive at the beginning of the process. Modelling and shading all surfaces in one software package is great but I did miss the flawless quality of NURBS surfaces.

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